Monday, April 4, 2011

Butler Mortgages

New Mortgage Office
318 Dundurn St. S. Unit 4
Hamilton ON, L8P 4L6

Butler Mortgages has expanded again.  This time to Hamilton. 

You can gain an edge with your competition by forming a partnership with a leading Mortgage Broker.  Here are a few things we provide.

·         Quick return of phone calls.
·         Immediate response to emails and text.
·         One hour pre-approvals for “A” clients.  “B” clients and complex deals are dealt with immediately and pre-approval times vary.  We have a very high success rate.
·         Pre-approvals for clients are generally for higher purchase prices then their own banks pre-approve them for.
·         Competitive rates, typically the “best on the street”
·         Teaching and educating Realtors to understand the different rules and laws that govern the mortgage industry.
·         Giving customer satisfaction: Clients understand what they are signing, they gain wisdom in the financial world, and we are always here.  Our service doesn’t end when they get in their home.

When using Butler Mortgages, you and your clients receive a unique experience.  With 9 full time staff, and the experience dating back thirty years, your clients are in good hands.  We maintain contact with your clients and if they decide to sell or their children buy, you get a phone call.

Dave Butler has appointed me to operate the Hamilton office.  I understand Realtors do not work 9-5, five days a week, so I make myself available evenings and weekends and fit into the schedule that Realtors need.  Providing mortgage counselling to Sellers and Buyers.

Ron Miller

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